I join a heart together and convey thought
The Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc. makes comfortable communication environment with a certain technique, and it is convenient, and anyone can live comfortably
I contribute to the future realization full of smiles.
Become a diligent human being
I make an aim that to usually think of a tool about consideration security, and to give advice, and we Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc. is devoted with a friend every day and contributes and try it hard. Of the company policy as think that it seems to be easy "to become a diligent human being", and is profound, want to cooperate so that always understand it few, to achieve it, and information and communication develops more smoothly.
Line of business

●Communication facilities construction
●Mobile radio construction (consultant, design, construction, examination, maintenance)
●Information and communication construction
●Transmission system construction
●Public works (foundation work)
●Reinforcing rod construction
●Transmission facilities (steel tower assembling)
●Traffic light construction (design, construction, maintenance)
Branch, office
Branch, office

○ Head Office: The Gifu head office
○ Branch Office: Ibaraki Branch, Tokyo Office, Shizuoka Office,
Nagano Office, Osaka Office
○ Overseas Office: Phnom Penh, Cambodia Branch
[patent pending!] It completely supports an appliance (full harness) for the crash standstill!
Business outline
Telecommunications construction
(cell-phone, Wi-Fi construction)
By the cell-phone construction, I conduct various affairs including a wireless unit, the wiring of the cable, terminal work, examination duties from the installation of the antenna.
Electric construction
I am engaged in the exchange work such as the LED lights of the steel tower.
In addition, I work on import, the assembling of the box such as the battery accommodation and cable connection to battery.
Sunlight panel
Using an eco-friendly sunlight panel, I contribute to next-generation energy supply.
Black kite, public works
I am engaged in the foundations of device installation footstool.
I hear the request of the customer finely and accept the advice and provide it quickly exactly precisely.
Design duties
In consideration for relief, security and environment, I perform design duties in response to the needs of the customer.
Cambodia project to aim at from now on
In Japan, I accept an overseas trainee (Cambodian) and do the employee who performed a technique and social education for three years with a leader and make the crew which I can construct safely. To the children who do not receive education, I educate "what is the security?", and stream down a social manner or way of thinking in Cambodia and educate you. I make the human resources whom I can send a Japanese technique to for the world in oar Cambodia and educate the importance of making an effort by oneself to escape from poverty.
State of the Japanese training
State of the telecommunications construction in Japan
State of the training in Cambodia
State of the training in Cambodia
I make use of each person's individuality and ability to the maximum

The Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc. recruits human resources growing up with us.