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About Myoushin-Tsuusetsu

Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc.
I make use of each person's individuality and ability to the maximum!

Thought to company policy

Representative greetings

Representative director Chizuru Hori
Representative director Chizuru Hori
Become a diligent human being
It is the moat of the everybody Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc. representative director.

It is our company policy [becoming a diligent human being]. The person who thinks that it is strange company policy thinks that there is many it,
I think that a meaning is a word difficult deeply very much.
"That person is always diligent." You think that there is the person to employ, what do you use it in what kind of scene when you use it?
You close your eyes, and please remember it once.
[diligent person] Not only it is said with "a person working well, people working well", but also, with this, there is the attention,
Do you not use the troublesome thing referring to trouble and the person who advances unintentionally, and can act?

In the case of a man, I think whether you quit whether acting power in particular appeared on the front.

When gentleness appeared on the front, in the case of a woman, do you not feel so it?
Then how about if everybody becomes [diligent human being]?

A senior and a younger student, a customer can do the attention, and do you not think that the reputation from the circumference improves?

It is words to usually use casually, but I think that a meaning is really deep.
But it is to small people, people who are too much hassle when I act more than required because the attention is possible.

[diligent person] There is not it, and it seems to be moderate, and may it seem persistently simply because this is the distance that just right addition and subtraction, hodo are good for and acts?
A human being is not perfect.
I must usually act being conscious of being [diligent person] simply because it is not perfect,
When you made a mistake, you cannot deal and cannot help me from neighboring people by any chance.
"The diligent person can have a man from a woman", and it "is thought that a diligent person is kind people" if it is a woman
I think that even work was similar to a romantic relationship.

Therefore I want an employee to become such a human being and am doing these words in company policy.
The person who is from both the same sex and a person of the opposite sex feels like seeming to be unexpectedly a lot, and not being.

The person who can act before people notice can act even at the time of an earthquake disaster and a disaster precisely and thinks that I can save another person.
Is there not the character with the thing reflected by everyday action and work?

Our spot person in charge observes everyday character and action carefully and instructs it.

I think so that I look at the conventional employee [the work is slovenly as for the slovenly child].
Therefore our company policy assumes it [becoming a diligent human being].

Construction promotion department/section managers: Toshihiko Kokudai (Kokudai Toshihiko)

"A team power" is a source of our company!
"A team power!" (work)
The stable "team power" that the most important thing was built on the trust when we, "Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc. (Myoushin)"  were engaged in duties. Alternatively, it is not thought. In addition, there is never that these words were separated from a head during work. Any world (the industry and type of industry) surely thinks that it is not provided by the effort of the averageness that even employees in the company get trust each other including the customer of the business partner.
But members of "Myoushin" are slightly different! New graduate, inexperienced person, job hopper, co-worker, senior, the boss, man, woman from a new business, wide age…. And it is not only a Japanese. There are an employee of the foreign family register and the overseas trainee, too. Each other is identified as a wonder in a week, and we toss it while we did so. This is because my duty and thought work, and it wrestles to make the spot to understand it, and to toss.
By the way, the main duties that I am in charge of are maintenance duties of the steel tower of the cell-phone base station. It becomes the team system and deals with duties with a team. When it is a lot, I may summarize 2-3 teams, 15, six people in all with one team 3 to 5 persons. The height of the steel tower of the shop floor is about 40M. I make a safe obi, full harness, the equipment such as the rope of several kinds all possible measures, and the main security equipment climbs a helmet, the body only by own power to a head.
However, I am not connected with the accomplishment of duties even if the safe equipment is perfect when the ring of the team is disturbed even if oneself is confident. It is continuing being said that communication is thin now in the home neighborhood in the company organization in the society. But I do not come across such a scene in "Myoushin" very much. I think that it is because each other is reliable with one greeting. I think that myself am very important. The origin of the communication from there…This is because it thinks of this. When a voice does not come out, after all it does not reach the partner.
Okay! I think that you must be able to give a voice at time called this. It shall be strong, and it thinks "a team power" to be important by such a daily small accumulation to continue connecting to the future.
The company which can associate where I left it out as I think that the contents of duties can understand it by the contents of the homepage, but I cultivate trust and am the same as a family for mind of the cooperation….
It is "Myoushin (Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc.)" .

Construction sales department's chief: Toshinori Ozeki (Ozeki Toshinori)

Work to support a communications infrastructure, and to join a heart together
It is the 1980s that a cell-phone came up. It seemed to be surprising in those days only by a call being possible during the place where one go to and movement. I come to be able to use an email and the Internet with a cell-phone, and the destination search is the ordinary time by the video seeing and hearing and map application with a smartphone now afterwards, too. Every personal thing is connected to the Internet in future. It is our work to support such an evolution.
The main duties contents which I am in charge of are examination process duties to be able to put for the cell-phone base station construction. Examination process duties begin with the setup of the cell-phone base station, and they are duties to perform the examination of the new device, the confirmation work of the system and the measurement of the electric wave, rearranging, the analysis of the provided test result. I usually cross teams in several people and cope with duties. In the cell-phone base station, there are the a great variety of environment and specifications such as the base stations which there is in Land Bureau, the building station or compound facilities, and there are expertise and the part which is not so in each to the member of the team, but, in knowledge, experience, the technique that I included a design or construction in, performs examination process duties or the change process of the cell-phone base station. There is the environment where nature and each other mature into each other without being seized only with the duties that oneself is in charge of as a member of the unique team.
Because I cannot see the electric wave of the cell-phone with eyes, a problem sometimes occurs, and there is the serious scene. However, I can taste sense of accomplishment to mention remarkably. For example, one of the memories remaining in the impression very much is an event when I am concerned with construction to launch a cell-phone base station newly at a place of the heart of a mountain. Cell-phone of any place was the cell-phone base station which an electric wave looked forward to for inhabitants lived near in outside there. I had coffee and a cake toward a certain inhabitant. I do not like coffee very much, but taste of the still coffee at that time revives when I remember the coffee which I had deliciously very at all.
I tie a person and a person, and the work that can contribute to a communications infrastructure supporting life is worthwhile work.

Construction sales department's chief: Kenji Denda (Denda Satoshi)

The work that is essential to the coming times…It is our work!
Our work is the important work that is essential in the modern society. All the workers always keep security work in mind to have possibilities to give many users a great trouble when I cause an accident and they work and face it with feeling of strain once. For daily duties, I need high technology and judgement, a team power. Therefore I hold class and security meets other than everyday on-site education and plan improvement of individual technology, and instruction educates a younger student to have high security consciousness. In addition, I value communication from everyday and enhance teamwork.
I entered this company although being inexperienced, but, by earnest instruction, I can learn many techniques and mind for the work strictly and work every day while feeling now much worth doing. I learn many things and will think that it is one of my present problems from now on how you are informed by other employees (worker) what I obtained. In addition, I am tired only from daily feeling of strain, but it is freed from daily feeling of strain gathering for the year-end and New Year holidays such as trip to employee or a year-end party as part of the recreation established in a company and is the place that I can refresh. When I play, I play with all one's might!……This is one of the features of our company, too! The head office usually works from the start in a branch and each office apart, but everybody is close and is cozy at all.
"I can work with a warm friend with straightness and, for work, am very happy!"
Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc.
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