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Overseas business development

Cambodia project
"Cambodia project" to aim at from now on
I accept an overseas trainee (Cambodian) in Japan and do the employee who performed a technique and social education for three years with a leader and make the crew which I can construct safely.
I educate "what is the security?" to the children who do not receive education, and stream down a social manner or way of thinking in Cambodia and educate you.
I make the human resources whom I can send a Japanese technique to for the world in oar Cambodia and educate the importance of making an effort by oneself to escape from poverty.
I make use of superior mobility of Cambodia and can accomplish duties speedily.

Thought to Cambodia

Representative director Chizuru Hori
      Representative director Chizuru Hori (HORI Chizuru)
 Everybody in "Cambodia" and inquiry, a beginning
Is what you imagine ... ...?

 A person remembering "Angkor Vat,"
Remembering it thinks "the Pol Pot Administration" to have possibilities to be.

 I want even slightly a lot to know Cambodia, and "a killing field"
I go to "the toe Ruth Ren slaughter Museum",
I decided to mention old history.

 The Pol Pot Administration holds real power in 1975 and lets the cause of the communism thought, inhabitants emigrate to the farm village forcibly,
I repeated forced labor and torture, slaughter. Pol Pot would want to make own country.
A child, a woman, the foreigner do not matter, too, including death from hunger or a disease about 1.7 million people equal to 20%-30% of the population
I was sacrificed. The Vietnamese military invades and attacks in Cambodia in 1978, and the Pol Pot Administration collapses in 1979
I did it, but place of slaughter "killing Field" is still left as a trace of the history.

 In the current world, it is not to have to meet and is the terrible past just to think.
However, in the country where such a miserable event was, I grow rapidly now.

 They think the public infrastructure to be country in the future still more, but all the nations carry a cell-phone,
I listen to music and am a country going SNS flourishingly. The communications infrastructure advances from Japan
I think of nodehanaikato.

 I establish "MYOUSHIN CO., LTD.", and one year passes and dispatches an employee of the Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc.,
I have you do a duty as a manager in the field. To accept an order of construction little by little now
As it becomes, but various construction accompanies the facilities construction only for communication construction without most,
I struggle with a subcontractor to be able to do consistent construction correspondence.

 In addition, we cooperate to be able to produce production in Cambodia.

 It is unknown and is serious how Cambodia changes in the future as Cambodia is a large country
It is a pleasure.
 Few in the direction that Cambodia has good with what want to move forward by Cambodia and good relations in future
I wish that I want to help you to go.
Cambodia project

Overseas base (Kingdom of Cambodia, Phnom Penh)

#133, street NW-21 Sen Sok LSS, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia
Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc.
7-30, Ryoge, Gifu-shi, Gifu
TEL. 058-245-1061
FAX. 058-213-1060
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