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Overseas business development

Cambodia project
"Cambodia project" to aim at from now on
I accept an overseas trainee (Cambodian) in Japan and do the employee who performed a technique and social education for three years with a leader and make the crew which I can construct safely.
I educate "what is the security?" to the children who do not receive education, and stream down a social manner or way of thinking in Cambodia and educate you.
I make the human resources whom I can send a Japanese technique to for the world in oar Cambodia and educate the importance of making an effort by oneself to escape from poverty.
I make use of superior mobility of Cambodia and can accomplish duties speedily.

Thought to Cambodia

Representative director Chizuru Hori
Representative director Chizuru Hori
Nice to meet you, MYOUSHIN TSUUSETSU INC. It is MR.HORI of the CEO.

It is 2015 that I went to Cambodia for the first time. I did it in this.

I went to demand a skill trainee. The school which I visited for the first time was honor of Japanese people and told a trainee the Japanese songs.
I heard that this was because there was the rhythm of the song and was easy to learn it to tell the words.
At that time, Cambodian students sing [I turn to the top, and let's walk], and I am the roof of the school
"Do these boys understand the lyrics? To sing this song before leaving the own country ... for three years."
I endured that tears almost overflowed and listened while seeing outside scenery.
I stop it without having for one month even if the Japanese employment enters the company, and notification is not produced at that time and,
In the existence called the skill trainee who there is the scene which becomes the unpleasant thought and misanthropy as this several times, and wears it for three years
I came to be interested.
A wage is held down and is in the company at the start for three years. I was interested in a foreign skill trainee system in such thought.

I checked some countries on using the system, but I was strongly attracted for some reason by Cambodia.
And I went to Cambodia and performed the interview of students.
As I heard that the mean salary of Cambodian people was around 15,000 yen a month, it became even emotional
There might be the part, but everybody did not regret an effort, and people to meet were only the people who worked hard at study.

On seeing the figure, I did not feel that old Japan might be such a scene, too.

I brought myself to have had you change the good old Japanese figure.

It was the figure which they, they were bright, and it was doing with a smile happily that was impressed by a scene to see from the car window most.

I still learn that a heart was made to swing on seeing that.
And the first batch who entered us entered the company two and let the wife whom you left at home in seven months did not wander for the life and death, and one person of them got sick and resigned and go back.
Therefore both I and the employee worry about the child who became alone and want to let a new trainee even immediately,
In addition, two people let you enter the company. However, one person has escaped in 11 months.

The skill trainee vomits for three years. It was the moment when such thought collapsed.
But everybody is serious, and the Cambodian boys who stay, and work are originally hard workers.
Though it is not own result, the first graduate child remembers what I was doing apologetically.

The child came back with the place that I asked it for remainder one and a half years saying "the work does what if I returned to Cambodia", "agriculture", too.
There is not the place making use of that at home even if I learn a technique with much effort in Japan.

I made the company with such thought that "wanted to let you do work utilized the technique and know-how after having returned at home" for them in Cambodia.
And, as well as the child, I want anyone to know that there is a chance.
Cambodia project

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