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Company profile

Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc.
"I join a heart together and convey thought"
Anyone contributes to the future realization full of smiles to be able to live on convenience for comfortably.
Company policy
  Become a diligent human being
Management philosophy
・Management to make use of personal ability to the maximum, and to progress every day
・Management to harmonize the aim of the company with an individual
Service mind
・It is correct and must perform the work effectively
・You must offer "thank you" and a technique to be satisfied with from a regular customer
・There must be a strong sense of responsibility to serve as own duty magnificently
・You must carry out the promise regardless of a reason by all means
・Become the human being who is trusted from both a customer and a co-worker, and is respected
・You must not tell a lie as one human being
・Have a feeling to yearn for the earth carefully

Company profile

Company name
Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc.
Head office
7-30, Ryoge, Gifu-shi, Gifu [MAP]
Representative director
Chizuru Hori
July 26, 2006
Permission number
The Governor of Gifu permission (han -27) 101947th
Kind of the construction industry
Telecommunications construction business, black kite, public works business, electrician business
Business outline
Communication track facilities construction, mobile communication facilities construction, CATV-related construction, P.B.X. construction
* NTT construction, NEXCO construction
・Transmission facilities, exchange facilities, wireless facilities, electricity facilities
* Mobile radio construction
・docomo /KDDI/ SoftBank /E mobile
・Access /PB/PDC/LTE/AC new / removal / examination
* The CATV/FTTH construction construction whole
・Optical cable terminal / connection
・Coaxial cable terminal / connection
* Overall National Police Agency signal construction
・New / removal / maintenance
* Building works (engineering works)
・Basic footstool setting / support leg setting
* Apparatus import / export / return product transportation
Phone number
FAX number
32 million yen
Construction industry permission
Permission number
The Governor of Gifu permission (han -29) 101947th
The Governor of Gifu permission (han -24) 123456789th
Kind of building trades
Telecommunications construction business
Black kite, earthwork construction business
Electrician business
Line of business
Overall construction about the antenna of the cell-phone
Each communication construction relation


July, 2000
It is founded with moat communication facilities (individual)
July, 2006
It is Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc. for capital 1 million yen based on a revision
Corporation registration
January, 2008
date*gyokyokahan -19 101947th
March, 2009
I increase the capital to from 1000000 yen to 10000000 yen with capital
January, 2013
date*gyokyokahan -24 101947th update
July, 2013
I make Ibaraki Office the branch
November, 2017
I increase the capital to from 10000000 yen to 32000000 yen with capital
Branch, office

Head office

Head office
7-30, Ryoge, Gifu-shi, Gifu
TEL 058-245-1061 / FAX 058-213-1060


Ibaraki Branch
463-1, Taira-machi, Kasama-shi, Ibaraki
TEL 0296-73-4781 / FAX 0296-73-4780


Shizuoka Office
206-2, Umegaya, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka
TEL 054-376-6271/FAX 054-376-6270
Tokyo Office
4-5-2, Umeda, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-5888-5737/FAX 03-5888-5738
Nagano Office
1076, Oshimada, Nagano-shi, Nagano 1076
TEL 026-214-2042/FAX 026-214-2043
Osaka Office
2-11-20, Masago, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka
TEL 0726-57-1277/FAX 0726-57-1278
Osaka drawing office
2-4-3, Tokui-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
TEL 06-6910-1477/FAX 06-6910-1478
 Inquiry foam is this
TEL. +81-58-245-1061
I look forward to the Inquiry over the telephone
Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc.
7-30, Ryoge, Gifu-shi, Gifu
TEL. 058-245-1061
FAX. 058-213-1060
Communication track facilities construction
Mobile communication facilities
CATV-related construction
P.B.X. construction
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